Summer Dating Ideas For An Awesome Date

Summer Dating Ideas

Photo Source: Ylanite Koppens

There’s no doubt that summer is the best time of the year! Take advantage of the season and go on some awesome dates with these summer dating ideas.

Grill & Chill Date

The weather is nice outside so fire up that grill for a date with your significant other. Cooking can be fun and rewarding, and everyone loves to eat. Start this date out by going to the grocery store together and picking out the vegetables and meats you want to cook. When you come back from the store, prepare the meal as a team. After the food preparation is all done, go outside to get the grill ready while enjoying some fresh air and conversation with one another. Once the food is ready to serve, enjoy the meal outside on a patio table or take it inside to the dinner table with some nice candles to provide an intimate setting.  Add a bottle of Chardonnay if you really want to impress him or her. The two of you can then end the night watching a movie on the couch.

Swimming Date

Nothing says summer time like swimming in the sunshine. Grab your pool floats and beach towels because things are about to get wet. Take your date out for a nice swim at the neighborhood pool, or your own if you are so fortunate. For a more intimate setting, take your date to a lake or local swimming hole so that you can be alone with each other. Make sure to bring a cooler with plenty of snacks and cold drinks to beat the heat. Hanging out in the water is a great way to have fun and it also gives you a chance to show off your summer body as well as getting a chance to catch a glimpse of your dates.

Date at the Ballpark

Is your date a sports fan? Take your special someone out to a professional or minor league baseball game. Watching a ballgame is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the summer evening in a public setting. Buy your date a cold drink and a ballpark soft pretzel to snack on. We can’t promise that you’ll land a home-run but it is a good way to spend time with the person you care about while cheering on your favorite team.

Walk and Talk Date

You don’t have to spend money on a date to make it memorable and enjoyable. Take your significant other on a nice evening walk under the stars. You can start the walk from your home and just do a casual stroll through the neighborhood, or you can drive to a destination and then walk from a starting point. Parks and river trails out in rural areas will offer a more secluded feeling and a better visual of the luminous night sky. If you and your better half want to do something more challenging then try doing a day hike on a local mountain path. Walking with your loved one while enjoying the beautiful scenery provides the perfect opportunity to carry on a deep and memorable conversation, communication is the key to every relationship.

Final Thoughts

The above are just a handful of summer dating ideas, but this season offers the perfect setting for some fun and romantic dates. It doesn’t matter what kind you decide to go on as long as you are spending quality time with your loved one. Time is the one thing that you have a set amount of and that you can never get back. When you spend quality time with your special someone you are literally giving that person a part of your life so make it enjoyable and meaningful. Build memories this summer that will last a lifetime.

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