Quarantine With Cupids

2020 has been a crazy year for everyone and many are feeling the effects of the necessary safety measures; stuck at home, bored, and running out of fun ideas. For those at home with their partners, don’t forget that intimacy is essential in a healthy relationship and also a good distraction from the troubles of the day. At Cupid’s Lingerie we offer many unique and exciting products to make passing time with your loved one more intimate.


Everyone loves a good massage and knowing it is your partner’s touch makes it even better. The first step to any massage is to prepare. First, find your partner a comfortable spot, place a towel, then have them lie down and relax. Then, grab a bottle of massage oil and pour a bit onto your hand. Make sure to add a little as needed, but not too much. Spread the oil on your hands and move your palms slowly up and down their body while tracing their curves. Make sure to try varying amounts of pressure to see what sweet spots your lover likes. Donating your time and effort to give your sweetheart a massage is a perfect way to show you appreciate them.

Cupid’s Lingerie offers a great selection of massage oils for intimate use between yourself and your partner. One we recommend is the Kama Sutra Massage Oil product line. It’s great for the skin and has many wonderful scent options.

For ambience to go with a massage you can try the Earthly Body Candles and watch them melt into a massage oil. An amazing scent, romantic lighting, and warm massage oil all in one!

A hand massage is great but the Fuzu Massage Ball will help you take relaxation to the next level. It’s a handheld 360 degree rolling ball that contours to the body curves. It’s great for working out muscle knots and kinks.

Bath Time

What’s more romantic than taking a bubble bath with someone you love? Dim the lights, pour a couple glasses of Champagne, and fill the bathtub with warm water. Then add some bubbles with Sliquid Balance Soak. It comes in three scents: Limoncello, Coconut Papaya, and Green Tea. This bubble bath will leave you feeling and smelling great! If you prefer the shower instead, the Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle features suction cups to giving you a handle for intimate shower activities.


Board games have always been a great way to pass time. Cupid’s Lingerie offers many intimate games to put an exciting spin on board game fun. There’s nothing boring about these board games because everyone ends up winning!

The Foreplay in a Row Game is a fun way for lovers to bring new excitement to the bedroom. Each player takes turns placing their chips in the game board. On each chip are foreplay suggestions. The first player to get four chips in a row gets to have all those actions performed for them.

Another fun one to play is Mind, Body, & Soul. It’s card game where couples learn about each other through questions designed to open up the chakras. We also offer intimate dice like Let’s Fool Around. A game in which you roll two dice. One represents an erogenous location on the body and the other a foreplay action to perform on your partner.

Final Thoughts

Staying home doesn’t have to be a boring experience. By experimenting with different activities you and your partner can make it fun and intimate. Cupid’s Lingerie is always here for your intimate shopping needs. We are taking precautions during this time to ensure safety for both our employees and our customers. Shop safely at any of our in-store locations or online any time.