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Cupid's Lingerie

Customer Testimonials

I did not know what to expect. I was a little bit scared about walking into Cupids in the middle of the day at their 65th street location. I was greeted by a nice employee and she offered to help me right when I walked in. I told her thank you that I was just looking. I was there for another 5 minutes and she helped me find a toy for my wife.

Y'all have a great selection of products that have made our marriage happier. Thank you!

Everyone there is nice and they were there to help me.

I went there to get a batchelorette gift and I found something I made my boy friend go back and buy for me. It was something that caught my eye. They have everything.

I did not expect to see anyone else there but me. There was about 3 customers in the store and we was all helped. I needed something that did not make me have an alergy and they had it. I am still not sure what it is called, but they said it, and I needed to make sure I got the right thing and I did.

Hello, I am in my 60's and I was looking for something to help me because I am dry. I found some pink lubrication that was formulated for women just like me. It has been a life saver.

My wife and I have not relations for a long time. We heard a commercial and decided that we should go and see what it was all about. The sales clerk helped find a solution. We will definitely be back soon.

I am a 32 year old single female. I went into the southwest LR location and I was hoping for a female to be working behind the counter. I was disappointed when there was a young guy at the register. He surprised me with his knowledge and helped me pick out just the right toy. I was not embaressed to talk to him about what I was looking for.

We are a married couple that has been together for 21 years. I went into the store about 10 years ago just to look and see what all was there. We have kind of been just getting by in the bedroom department for the last few years. There was so much there that I could not decide what to get. I got an anniversary gift that I can honestly say is better than any dinner date could ever equal. The sweet girl that helped me is the one to thank. Hopefully we can make it another 21 years.

I have been shopping at Cupids Lingerie for a long time. They have a great selection of products and great staff to help find just what I am looking for!

A 40+ woman at the Rodney Parham store that was working made sure I was making the right decision. I believed that her experience was the key. We are very pleased with what we bought. I will be back for sure.

I have never been to a store like this before. It did not take me long to feel comfortable and at ease being there. Everyone was so helpful with me while I was there.

The Jacksonville store always has something I did not even know I needed.

To anyone who has any hesitation about going to Cupids Lingerie, don't hesitate any more. I had great shopping experience that I will do again soon. It was awesome. Everyone there is so helpful.

I did not know that there was so many thing out in the market. Cupids has a little bit of everything to chose from. I am a glad they are there.

I am a "full-figured" woman. Cupids a great selection of lingerie that fits me.

I was shy when I walked in and found just what I was looking for.

I am a BBW, and I know it. Just found the right outfit for a special night. I found something that fit my breasts, but not my hips. Then I found the right thing for my hips, but not my breasts which are big. Then I found something that fit everything and I got it going on now. I went to the liquor store and got some wine to go home with and we all doing fine.

I went to their website and it made me curious about everything. I went to their store and bought something that works great for me.

So, I bought this pill that they were talking about, and OMG, WTF this is the bomb. Get a one more night for real.

That guy behind the counter sure did know what he was doing, I am superman now. That pill has been a game changer for me. My girl does not even know. I am about as hard as sheet of steel now.

I am a customer for life. Cupid's has always given me the best advice and the best reason to come back.

The merchandise that they sell has given me confidence in the bedroom that I could not have gained by myself. The people working their go above and beyond the call of duty.

My husband wanted to try some new things with me, and they had what I needed to make things go alot easier. It was good this time.

They have a huge selection of toys that made us have a better experience together. I can't wait to try something new.

They have more toys for couples than I could have imagined. Everyone there gave me good advice.

I am a divorced female, 27, and I found just the right toy make me smile again. I am glad they are there for me.

The staff is polite, professional, and knowlegable. It was a pleasure to shop there.

As a single male, they have everything that I can use. They have new merchandise all the time, and they have definitely helped my dating life. I have purchased things that have made me a champion in the bedroom.

I just got back from there store and everyone was nice and made sure I was comfortable.

I love knowing that I can shop at the 65th street store 24 hours a day. They told me that the Jacksonville store is also 24/7. I live closer to that one.

I went to the Rodney Parham location today and they had the most beautiful selection of lingerie, I was blown away. I will definitely be back to spend my bonus check on some sexy outfits. The employee there was able to make my decision easier. I was impressed.

North Little Rock has another reason for me to stay in the North side of the river. I think the JFK store is very well staffed and has lot's of choices to keep me here. Thank you Cupids! The girl that was working was very well informed and I left a satisified customer.

The selection of merchandise with the assistance of the staff made me a customer for life.

Those male enhancement pills made me a star.

I will forever be greatful to Cupids for saving my marriage.

My boyfriend and I ran out of things to try and new things to do. I walked into Cupids and found a whole lot of things to explore. The fantasy lingerie has really spiced up our love life. And the toys have helped us explore our wild side.

I was blown away by the sheer number of choices. Thank God for the reccomendation I got from the clerk, I got what he suggested and it has been smooth sailing in the bedroom ever since. My ship has launced, I am at full mast now, and I am docking into port smoothly. Cupids has given me confidence I would have never achieved. All aboard!!!!

Cupids is my new go to destination. They have everything I want.

If you have any desires that you have kept to yourself, go to Cupid's and see what they can do for you. They did it for me is all I can say.

I never dreamed in a million years I would be talking about this, but when I walked into Cupids, I walked out an expert. They have truly changed my life.

Everyone wants to do some crazy stuff and Cupids let me do it.

I hesitated about shopping there for a long time, boy was I glad I opened up and finally walked in. I have some cool stuff now.

They have so much to choose from, I was able to narrow it down with the help of the employee, and now I use that toy almost every day. I could not be happier. I am a customer forever now.

The girls at the Conway location made all the difference. My wife and I go there at least once a week now. I love the lingerie that she wears, the sparkle in her eyes makes me feel real good, if you know what I mean.

I live in Pine Bluff, but I work in Little Rock. I go by the 65th street store every week at least. I love to see what is new.

My boy friend and I just discovered Cupids. Why did we wait so long? I am not sure but I sure am glad we go there all the time now.

I was blushing the first time I went in, but soon I was a sexpert, and wow is all I can say. You should check it out.

I really loved the personal service that they offer. They made me feel like I was special.

I got my girl a bullet there a long time ago. Now we have the We-Vibe, amazing device.

I was looking for some massage lotion and I was not sure what to buy. I did not know that there was so many choices, I bought something that smells really good and goes on smooth.

The people that work there are really good.

They have some lubes that feel great even if I am alone.

I did not know where to go in Central Arkansas, but I did some research and found Cupids. I am really glad I did.

We went to the lake in Hot Springs and somehow ended up on Albert Pike. We went inside and found more than I thought there could have been. We bought one for her and one for me, and it is game over now. I never heard of these things before, but it all works.

My gal pal wanted to spice things up and they had just what we needed. Now we do the tango every night.

I went there to buy a Toyota, and left with a Mercedes. We bought a Lelo that took us to next level of intimacy.

Cupids is the bomb, just saying.

Meh, it was a slow decision to go there. Did it ever help our love life, we LOVE it now.

I did not know I could make things better than they already were. I was really wrong. I found what I did not even know I was looking for.

This is kind of embarrasing, but my sister told me I should check it out. I made sure I went to a location that was open really late and found a toy that has changed my whole perspective on life. I just need more batteries. I am sure I keep Duracell in business.

The one thing I was sure I did not need was another choice. Cupids had so many I was not sure what to get. I got expert advice and now I am happy.

I had to bring a gift to a party, so I went to Cupids and bought a gag gift. It was the hit of the party.

I thought I was just going to buy a new bullet, but I ended up with a new rabbit, and I have new bunny ears.

I was unsure of what to purchase, but they took the time to listen to my questions and guide me in the right direction. Cupids is almost a community outreach center.

Anyone that knows me knows I am very timid. I went there to get a pair of stockings, but I left with a beautiful corsett. I am happy I went to Cupids.

Everthing's better with a little special something to liven it up from Cupids, I highly recommend it.

Cupids is the reason I have a new baby in my life. I could not be happier.

I bought something that they suggested it really worked. I was nervous, but she made a suggestion to me and I took it home for my wife. It was the best thing I think I ever bought. It helped my wife get very happy. I will definitely go back and find some new stuff to make things better like some things for her to wear.

The choice and brands of lubes was a lot, we got help and it helped.

There was a whole bunch of outfits that I think would make things even more exciting to make things get to a whole new level of things to do. We love Cupids now.